Are you EarSmart?

EarSmart is a new licensing scheme for music venues in Sheffield. It is launching a pilot scheme in October 2015.


EarSmart promotes the use of hearing protection in pubs and bars, gig venues and clubs. It encourages the creation of a safe sound environment without affecting overall volume or music quality. In order for a venue to be EarSmart it has to follow a set of conditions, encompassing ear plug provision, signage and staff training. The scheme has been designed to reduce the instances of tinnitus and hearing loss caused from exposure to loud music.

Lengthy exposure to loud music can cause hearing loss and tinnitus, a condition where the sufferer hears a constant ringing in the ear.


Music venues play sound at volume levels which can cause permanent hearing damage, therefore customers are at risk of suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus or other hearing conditions. The adoption of hearing protection and awareness in loud environments has been proven to reduce instances of such conditions. Therefore EarSmart venues have the ability, without affecting volume levels or sound quality to reduce the instances of hearing damage of the public and promote good practices within the industry.


EarSmart is working with venues to create a scheme that is dynamic and easy to implement.


There are many venues which already offer some form of hearing protection provision. EarSmart wants to create a standardised form of provision, drawing on industry good practice so that customers can be confident on going to a venue there will be adequate conditions in place for them to protect their hearing without reducing the quality of night out. Throughout the pilot EarSmart will be working with venues to create an efficient, venue centred licensing scheme which will be launched in January 2016.


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